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Dave I think I remember, but I might be mixing memories and persons, you told us months ago you once had a method to deodorize a car heavily tobacco-smoke impregnated before selling it. If it was not you, sorry for the author but I remember it was very funny.

Because of this I want to show you an example of the cleaning and disinfecting industry in the action of selling us products provoking deliberately anosmia in order to clear us of bad (but also good) smelly things.

It is on this page of the above link, next to the end of the page:

Disinfectant Deodorant Does not cause anosmia

*Disinfectant Deodorant*

"A powerful nonflammable, hospital type, phenolic based disinfectant deodorant acts quickly to control 11 disease organisms including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Tubercle bacilli, Herpes Simplex Type I and Staphylococcus aureus. It also inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on hard surfaces for 7 days and for 28 days on fabric. Attacks malodor at the source. Does not cause anosmia. Neutralizes odors. Light pleasant scent."

They say: "Does not cause anosmia". Seems pure thoughtfulness for us future ex-anosmics or yet-ex.

But Dave it says something else. It shows that they have very much in their trade the notion of anosmia (that so much people ignore). It shows that they know exactly what they are treating with. And it proves my assertions about the tempering of the chemical industry with our smell, tempering to the root of the problem. What more effective product than this which erases olfaction in the guise of a deodorant? It is radical. Let one hope it is reversible.

Yes they just mention this non anosmia induction for this product. Yes! But it is the only product having this warning in the whole catalog which does not mean that all others are anosmia inductive. At the least it shows that this industry knows the trick to drive us anosmics. And why don't they warn us elsewhere in the catalog of this precious property?

For instance what do you think this next product does to our olfactory mucosa? Do you think it can "digests" organic stuff and not this thin mucus layer of the olfactory cribform?

    *  Ideal for use on organic odors and *stains* from urine, vomit, feces, blood, grease, wine, drains, grease traps and sewage, etc.
    * Specially selected blend of High Activity Bacteria quickly digest a broad spectrum of organic waste.
    * High bacteria count, over 200 billion per gallon for highest efficiency.

Sorry for this long and thickly bit of demonstration.

BTW I have nothing against the principle of deodorants and particularly in my hospital where there is very often feces to be dealt with.

But I remember with anger this ancient time where I was smell-blind and my colleagues told me I was lucky. Smell-blinded by this stupidity food of mine.

Olivier Lichtenberger

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