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reçu cette nuit jeudi 12 juillet 2007 - 2007-07-12


Lethicin Story,

In the 1980's I worked with a group of guys and most of us took vitamins because that was what people were supposed to do. The big, popular supplement in the early 80's was Lecithin.

One of the guys I worked with did not take any supplement and I asked him about this. He said that one of his jobs in college was to climb into the huge soy-oil tanks after they had been emptied and guide the hoses to vacum out what was left over. He told me that this dark sludge was shipped and sold as 'Lecithin'.

They did not have great safety equipment at the time and he had to wear a rope around his waist--if he fainted from the gas, the guys outside the tank could pull him out and give him 'mouth-to-mouth' and get him breathing again. This never happened to him but he stated that it had happened to others.

He told us stories of other guys who were too lazy to climb out of the tank to relieve themselves, you get the picture. All of us at work stopped taking Lecithin for some reason :-)))

I can't say if what he told me was true. I can't use his name because he is the Mayor of a medium sized city in the USA and may not always tell the truth and I promised not to emberasse him any more. I and others believed him however--and now it turns out that Lecithin is pro-inflamatory and is not recommended because it can be contradictory to what folks do for 'heart-health'.

Thought you might enjoy this Olivier :-)

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